CommBilling, your complete Saas billing software of the future

July 23, 2020
CommBilling, your complete Saas billing software of the future

CommBilling, your complete Saas billing software of the future

The Cloud is nowadays much more than just a data storage. Human wants to be able to manage his financial data via SaaS billing tools in the Cloud. This is why CommBilling exists:  to meet this need for service.

1- The power of CommBilling and its performance

As the data is more than accessible since internet coming, the SaaS CommBilling model decides to help business to automatically manage their financial data.

SaaS is the acronym for Software as a Service. Experts agree that in less than 5 years, only 20% of companies will not use this technological gem. It is more efficient, more secure and more adaptive than the old ERP of finance.

This software works on Cloud and doesn’t need a long installation. It’s a web application, and it’s accessible with any terminal: tablet, computer or smartphone.

CommBilling also rhymes with mobility. All you need is Wi-Fi, and whether you’re at home or the beach, it works.

 By staying in the futuristic model, like all SaaS software, CommBilling is designed to be scalable. Updates will be done and paid by us, although they will be done frequently. These will be done according to the needs and feedback of its users.

The connectivity of all the members of the financial team will be respected even when they are distant from each other. Sharing information has never been so easy. This will have a positive impact on the overall work of the whole financial team.

CommBilling has also been created to manage your administrative tasks more efficiently. It is a complete service, innovative and easy to use.

2- The other strong points of this famous SaaS billing application

Technology continues to facilitate the work of humans. CommBilling brings a new results-oriented breath to your billing method. And if most of the job is done automatically, the risk of error is reduced to 0.

Payment is made monthly or annually, as you want. You have the choice between many prices according to your budget and your needs. Besides, the price of countless maintenance is included.

Create and customize your invoices, your dashboard will be done in just a few clicks.

All you have to do is to take care of hosting your application on the Cloud. It‘s a small investment that will give amazing positive results on your business for long term.

Your accounting will be more oriented in development strategy. CommBilling is particularly focused on innovation and modernity.

It is customizable for every kind of business. This is why it is so successful compared to multifunctional ERP software. CommBilling is more responsive to requirements and facilitates the tasks of accountants and all your team.

3- CommBilling Saas in finance and administration

With the accessibility of data on the Web, the challenge nowadays is sharing all information in a total security. Cybercrime has always existed, that’s why SaaS continues to develop the security of all your data.

CommBilling is flexible and easy to use. It can analyze every information which could contribute to the development of all businesses.

It uses even the smallest data available to achieve business goals; especially in terms of annual turnover.

Like all SaaS, user experience is its priority. The service will always be improved and responds exactly all its users’ expectations.

And like many other businesses use it too, suggestions for improvement will come from the experience of thousands other companies. All startups and companies with years of experience will have benefit from its combined skills.

Prioritizing the most important tasks will be easier; much more economical and simpler than ERP apps. Managing your customers will be so simple for you.

All your billing will be focused in one point: CommBilling, your revolutionary SaaS automation solution. And don’t forget, there are 30 days free trial.